In homelab

Bit of a break, since the last update.

I got a new (used) computer and some new (used) parts.

Got a Dell Precision T5610 with…
Dual E5-2609 v2

And to make it a bit better I got…
2x E5-2670 and 64G PC3-12800R

Combined I now have:
Dual E5-2670, total of 16 cores 32 threads
sda       477G
sdb       477G
sdc      12.8T
sdd       2.7T
sde     232.9G
sdf     232.9G
nvme0n1 119.2G

Reinstalled Proxmox

Don’t have a great backup system but it’s at least better than it was.
14TB drive is for general storage
Critical things are then backed up to 3TB drive and to Google Drive

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