Backups should be a thing

 In homelab

So still waiting for my CPU to arrive, so I have just been trying out other things that I eventually want to setup. Like Grafana.

After a fair bit of faffing, I eventually got Grafana working, or more specifically the data sources for Grafana (Grafana its self was super easy). I imported a pretty dashboard that someone had already made to display a bunch of stuff with Proxmox. However the clock didn’t look right. In trying to change it. I started modifying things. And then everything became really sluggish and timing out, and then just not responding all together.

I take a look in Proxmox, and Notice that my Dev VM is offline… weird. I investigate further and discover that my SSD pool (the one SSD) is showing as corrupt and offline.


I restart the server and after a while everything seems to come back up.. But, setting up backups might need to be moved up in priority, especially with these used SSDs.

I had a look at what I do have.

1 micron 500GB
1 Samsung 500GB
1 Intel 660p 128GB M.2

From what I can tell, I can’t boot from M.2/nvme drives with T3610 so I think my plan will be to use the Micron as the Proxmox boot drive, probably all LXC’s, ISOs, maybe light VMs. Use the 660p for VM’s since it has the most IOPs and bandwidth. The other Samsung 500GB SSD maybe for backups it seems terribly slow so I don’t think I can use it for any performance benefit.

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